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Archery kicks off season at Connecticut Indoor Championships

  • Bulls-eye | The archery team begins its season with hopes of a fifth recurve title in 10 seasons.

At the beginning of a new season, archery head coach Derek Davis said he is feeling good about the team’s prospects.

“Energy-wise, the team is really solid,” he said. “Everybody is getting along. We’re training hard.”

The team is coming off another national championship in recurve—its fourth title in that division in nine seasons. Juniors Sarah Bernstein and Grace Kim and sophomore Tiffany Kim all placed in the top eight nationally as Columbia defeated Atlantic Cape Community College, James Madison, and Long Beach en route to a title last spring.

“Outdoor archery is really considered to be the real archery,” Davis said. “You have the elements, the weather, things like that. ... It’s not a walk in the park when you’re outdoors, and the person who can persevere that has the advantage.”

The outdoor season doesn’t start until late March, though. Until then, the Lions have to compete indoors. 

They’ll start on Saturday at the Connecticut State Indoor Championships at Hall’s Arrows in Manchester, Conn. | @muneebalamcu


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