This week in ESC: School spirit and student project grants

Updated, Feb. 5, 10:17 a.m.

Did you miss the Engineering Student Council meeting on Monday night? Council correspondent Rana Hilal brings you five things you need to know:

  1. We've got spirit: The "Our Blue" spirit campaign video campaign will launch this weekend. Additionally, the ESC board is trying to find decorative ways to make students feel more spirit for Columbia. The council discussed potentially displaying spirit pennants and tapestries across campus, including Lerner Hall and John Jay Dining Hall.
  2. Entry plan: This Friday, the ESC executive board plans to meet with Facilities to discuss problems with swipe access in Mudd and NoCo. The ESC's policy committee also plans to look into NoCo’s lack of charging stations, door library access, and constantly broken men's bathroom toilets.
  3. Project grant advice: The ESC plans to assign advisers to each of the seven teams awarded student project grants to make sure each project is executed smoothly. All groups have been officially contacted. According to ESC, all teams have already started on their projects or they will be starting this week.
  4. Honorable mention: ESC will be meeting Thursday in Mudd to look into the honor code proposal, before taking it before the Committee of Instruction.
  5. Award-winning groups: The council is working with administrators to give out awards from Student Engagement to all student groups under all governing boards.

Correction: An earlier version of this post said that the council was working with the Activities Board at Columbia to give awards to groups. They are actually working with Student Engagement, a division of the Office of Student Affairs.


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SEAS '15 posted on

It's really nice that you guys publish these. I read most of them and am very happy to be more informed about what actions are being taken and what is being discussed.

Doge posted on

Very council. Such ESC. So roundup.