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It's late. You're up. After the most sleep-deprived day I've had in months, so am I. Oops.

This day in history: Spec's Feb. 4, 1994, issue urged readers to go to Penn ... to cheer on Columbia at a game. This threw me off and probably threw off some prospies too.

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Heard along the Ivy: The Bubble, which is basically Yale's version of The Onion, bitingly lauded the power of excessive #beautiful #snow #instagramming #oncampus #love #friends #college #applicable.

I'm sorry, what? Some Barnard students got this email tonight from Select Study Abroad Florence. I ... um ... just ... no thanks?

study abroad


A little bird tweeted: New York Magazine reported on Twitter that de Blasio is plotting an attack on the snow, a joke that I'm a little disappointed isn't real---because that would be pretty awesome.

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 10.19.31 PM


The end: You guys. It turns out we missed the most epic ad of the Super Bowl because we don't live in Georgia. This is a real commercial for a real law firm:


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