The Lerner, it is a-changin'

Columbia's campus currently ranks last among the Ivy League in terms of square footage of space per student, but the administration is busy trying creative new ways to change that.  According to a recent post by the Lion, Campus Services is considering removing the Lerner mailboxes to open more social space. Among the proposed changes, listed in the post, are:

  • A single, unified package center mecca. We're thinking something just a bit smaller than an Amazon warehouse.
  • Increased lounge space.
  • A Broadway room expansion, including a bar. Cooler senior pub, anyone?
  • Relocation of Cafe 212.

Spec has sent Scott Wright, Vice President of Campus Services a quick email asking to see a blueprint of the proposed changes. Pending a response, we're all curious to guess at how much space Wright is looking to free up. The current Lerner Hall blueprints are not explicitly clear about the back-workings of Lerner, but it seems that even a small change might open up a space roughly the size of Lerner.


Lerner Blueprint

Lerner Hall 4th floor. The orange dotted line and question mark show my guess at what will change. Original image courtesy of 

The exciting part is that the changes will probably materialize by next year. Go Columbia!



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