An alternative bucket list

It’s a new year, a new semester, and a new phases of static or slumps in which we set goals for ourselves that we may or may not forget about a week later. The following is our rough-draft bucket list for the upcoming semester. Suggestions welcome.

1. Get to sleep before 10:30.

2. Leave Morningside Heights.

3. Make a meal entirely off of raw ingredients hoarded from dining halls.


4. No whining about not having plans on Saturday night.

5. Find a way to back incessant bashing of NYU, or find a new school as a target.

Besides, bashing hipsters is so mainstream.

6. Become known for something on campus, like the Fountain Girl, or those guys who tried to sled down the steps.

7. Tell an elevator stranger an elaborate false backstory to break the silence. Maybe throw

in an exotic country and a life-changing moment when you almost got eaten by a bear.

8. Do homework right after class.

9. Go to an on-campus performance or sports game, find someone's name in the program,

and cheer for them. Loudly.

howireacted/ tumblr

10. See if you can last an entire day without data on your phone.

11. Snapchat your annoying study abroad friends a taste of their own medicine. Send them back a selfie with the caption “OMIGOD I’M THERE TOO.” It will befuddle them. Keep doing this until they stop.

12. Taste test every single coffee in the neighborhood.

12b. Stay awake for three days straight.

tumblr / youcancallmequeen-bre


13. Join Spectrum.


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