It's the freaking weekend, baby

The Best Part: Getting home, turning the heat on full blast, diving under my covers, and vowing never to reenter that polar vortex.

This day in Spec history: On this day in 1924, a doctor at the College of Physicians and Surgeons found a serum that would lead to the cure for scarlet fever! Thanks, Dr. A.R. Dochez!

A little bird tweeted: Zach Braff responded to the Bieber DUI and drag racing arrest with this gem.


Reality check: Two freshmen girls at Tulane became best friends... and then found out that they're half-sisters. Real life Parent Trap?

Heard along the Ivy:  Yale still can't figure out how to find, accept, and help students succeed who don't have yachts!

The End:  Do you miss the Morningsiders? Their first show this semester will be February 4 at the Rockwood Theater. Until then, be amazed by such talented classmates and watch their classic music video for the song "Empress!"


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