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Apply for a sports column: Those who write will be champions

It's a great time of year for sports fans. Hockey and basketball season are in full swing. The NFL playoff picture is set. The Sochi Olympics are just around the corner, and for better or for worse the inevitable politicking is giving the most athletically aloof something to talk about. Even Columbia's generating excitement— the men's basketball team just put up a good fight at the Barclays Center against a 9-3 St. John's team that gave undefeated No. 2 Syracuse a run for its money.

Whether you don't care for college football or watched UW and BYU duke it out in the Fight Hunger Bowl, Spec sports has a gift to make your holiday season that much more exciting—our columnist application!

This is your chance to unveil your brilliant plan to fix both the football program and the ever-decrepit Dodge Fitness Center in 10 easy steps.

The Lions may have gone 0-10 last year on the gridiron, but we know that some of the best Monday morning quarterbacks in the country call Morningside Heights home from September through May, and it'd be great to hear from you all. Click here to apply.

Applications are due Jan. 10 at 11:59 p.m. Feel free to email the sports editors, Eli Schultz and Muneeb Alam, with any questions. Take a look at the application to see examples of past columns.


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Doge posted on

So application. Very Eli. How Sports.

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Why did you choose a pic of legendary Michigan coach, Bo Schembechler? Is this some sort of sports envy?