Armed robbery reported at Columbia apartment on 111th Street

An armed robbery was reported at 535 W. 111th street, between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue, at approximately 11:30 p.m.

Three armed, masked men are being sought in connection to the crime, according to reports.

The news site Breaking911 reported that a level one NYPD mobilization responded to the break-in, which indicates a local precinct task force.

Police were out in force in the hour following the incident. A Spectator reporter at the scene overheard half a dozen detectives discussing the possibility that one of the weapons used was thrown into a nearby gutter.

The NYPD's press hotline had no further details on the incident, and it's unclear if anyone was hurt. A witness who said he was in the area around 11:45 p.m. said he saw an ambulance leaving the location, although this could not be confirmed.

535 W. 111th, which is owned by Columbia, appears to be graduate student or University Apartment Housing.

Columbia students did not receive any emergency alerts about the situation.

Check back for updates.


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Anonymous posted on

the honrably based filbg reporting like a pro

Mike Katz posted on

Its a nice area but its a rental building so you never know who youre renting to. Looks like they knew the person, but its always smart to be alert, especially students.

Helen posted on

There was another robbery just weeks before at 528 RiversideDrive, which is also an UAH building. It seems that someone was deliberately locating university housing and doing robbery because they know that most of the residents there are students and they have low level of crime awareness because they THINK that the university house is SAFER! I really hope that either the police or the school could do something about it so that students are not threatened to crimes, or even worse, injury.