I just want to hug all them cats, but I can't

This weekend's Internet Cat Festival lead got you jonesing for more? Even if you didn't make it out, have your own little Cat Festival in your room with the cream of the cats. Below, my cat-lover picks for fabulous felines.

1. Keyboard cat

This little kitty started it all. Although the video is from 1984 and its star, Fatso, died in 1987, the video gained popularity thanks in large part to Stephen Colbert in 2009. Have you seen anything cuter? Or more ridiculous? No.

2. Too Cute!: Munchkin Land

Is there anything better than Too Cute!? I needed to watch this video twice because I couldn't even hear the on-point narration over my own squeals. Be warned though: You can't watch just one Too Cute! video. You'll have to come up for air sometime, but it'll take at least an hour or more.

3. Henri, Paw de Deux

Henri: The cat who is all Columbian. Because if any animal were to have existential musings, it would be a cat named Henri. It's okay, Henri. One day, it'll get better. (Hopefully your accents will as well.)

4. Sad Cat Diary

Alternative title: #firstcatworldproblems.

5. Sleepy Cat

This cat understands our plight as college students.

6. Nyan Cat

Maybe one of the most horrifying realizations during a previous finals' week was that I had completely blanked out and listened to Nyan cat for about 15 minutes without realizing. After a while, it becomes oddly soothing. How long can you nyan?

I HAVE NYANED FOR 1251.7 SECONDS! http://t.co/TnSGZH37 via @nyannyancat

— Rebeka (@rebekacohan) October 14, 2011


7. I Love Cats

And of course, who can talk about their love of cats without this gem:

Initially a (fake) e-Harmony, there's not much better than the songify version. To cat lovers: It's okay for us to love cats. Every kind of cat. We can't help that we want to hug all them cats (even though we can't).


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