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Class-free Fridays and a New York location make Columbia a place to match school with an internship. How important is it to take advantage of this opportunity? Is it a critical part of Columbia's appeal?

  • Illustration by Laura Diez de Baldeon
  • From the editors:

    Ah, the internship. The opportunity to put our esteemed scholarship to the test, to tip-toe along the periphery of the purported “real world,” to see if our theoretical ruminations of days past and present will indeed prove worthwhile. At the very least, it is a string of qualifying words to add to our ever-growing résumés.

    For the modern-day Lion, nestled within the precious bounds of upper Manhattan and armed with an educational pedigree that is nothing short of dazzling, the internship has come to take on a remarkable amount of significance. What was at one time a fundamentally extracurricular exercise—and elsewhere may still be so—has somehow become cursory, curricular. Indeed, the access to internships enjoyed by Columbia undergraduates has come to factor considerably into our institution’s overall appeal. 

    Well, what of it? In this week’s Canon, we ask what the typical Columbia student’s experience with internships in the city is really like. Is there even a quintessential conception of the internship that we can examine? And, in either case, how do we feel about this association that has come to characterize our institution? 


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    Anonymous posted on

    Yes, this is one of the many reasons why Columbia is the best school. Also its location in New York with the most and varied interships and jobs.