Willy Wonka and the SUB Factory

Come on out to Lehman Lawn tonight at 7 to enjoy the Big Sub. Big Sub is a 714 foot sub sandwich (to correspond with the class of 2014) that will cover the entire Barnard campus - all open for you to devour for FREE!

gif folder. / tumblr

This year, some of the subs will have a  ~*GOLDEN TICKET*~ hidden underneath. The lucky winners of these golden tickets will win magical mystery prizes. According to Shelby Maniccia, the McAC community chair, the sandwich options will include ham and cheese, cheese and tomato, chicken salad, turkey and cheese, roasted vegetables, Kosher tuna, and Halal turkey. For more info, see the Facebook event.

So eat up, and take part in this yummy Barnard tradition. Just make sure to get there early because people actually wait around the sub to get first dibs. Make sure to bring tupperware!

Preparations are already being made. Samantha Sokol / Spec


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