Love is in the air

It's late. You're up.

This was a big weekend for love.

Yesterday, we celebrated love for our school and for the values we share. We love that we don't love football because we spend our time on the Core's philosophy and literature and on choosing our double majors. We love that at Columbia the average number of classes a student takes is five whereas at most schools, even within the Ivy League, students usually take four. We love that we've read the great authors on Butler from Cervantes to Dante (except for maybe Demosthenes) but we still challenge the absence of the names of women or people or color who have also shaped the Western canon.

We love that Columbia comes to life in this quote from Tobias Wolff's Old School:

“Things that mattered at Princeton or Yale couldn’t possibly withstand this battering of raw, unironic life. You didn’t go to eating clubs at Columbia, you went to jazz clubs. You had a girlfriend — no, a lover — with psychiatric problems, and friends with foreign accents. You read newspapers on the subway and looked at tourists with a cool, anthropological gaze. You said crosstown express. You said the Village. You ate weird food. No other boy in my class would be going there.”

Love is also back in business with the LGBTQ rights movement. On Saturday, I woke up to news that my home state of New Jersey finally will allow same-sex couples to get married, starting today. Surprised? Most people haven't noticed the news because it seems that New Jersey should have already been on par with states like Massachusetts and Minnesota years ago. Civil unions have been granted to same-sex couples since 2003, which was, shockingly, considered progressive at the time.

But Governor Chris Christie has been no friend to the LGBTQ rights movement in New Jersey since he took office in 2009. He vetoed a bill that would legalize same-sex marriage in February 2012, and has stalled other efforts made through the legislature and the judiciary system. He originally appealed the September 27 New Jersey Supreme Court decision that now permits same-sex marriage, delaying the process, but was overruled yesterday. Anyone from New Jersey can tell you that there is full popular support for the legalization of same-sex marriage, but Christie has been delaying the inevitable to preserve his political clout with neo-cons and Dixiecrats from the rest of the country for a fighting chance for the Republican nomination in 2016. I have been endlessly frustrated and disappointed with his leadership in this regard, but I am relieved and proud that finally my state has legalized love.

I'm so proud, so happy, and so in love.


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Tobias Wolff posted on

Dqueezy, were you at 54 Below last night or is the quote just an amazing coincidence?