Conquer the Mondays.

Raise your hand if you have a midterm today! Yes, I would say 98.897% of the population has some large terrifying occurrence in their academic lives this week. But you know what? It will all be okay. Do you want to know why? Look at this gif of John Krasinski as a dinosaur. All of your problems just fade away...

fancynewbeesly / tumblr

And now for the news.

Read this Weekend Recap of Men's and Women's soccer, volleyball, field hockey, cross country, and rowing.

Consider that encouraging productive dialogue at Columbia has a pre-req: a willingness to agree.

Know that Marc Heinrich, CC'16, won the special election for the third CC seat on the University Senate.

Take a look at these gravity-defying skateboarders at the Riverside Park Skate Jam, which took place on Sunday afternoon. Did you know that Riverside Park has one of the only skate parks in NYC that features vertical ramps? Pretty cool.

David Brann / Senior Staff Photographer



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