Waking up and shutting down

Morning folks!

I mean, now it's closer to noon but sure. I may or may not be dressed like an actual adult in class at the moment so I cannot make judgements as to whether it's good or not. In honor of midterms there is no print-copy of Spec today but lo, if you are bereft, there will be an actual physical newspaper tomorrow, and we will update Spectrum.


Speaking of being able to meet a minimum level of competency:


The New Yorker's Borowitz Report has a missive about this event.

And America's finest source of news also has coverage of congressional clusterings:


So say you're a government-funded organization interested in recruiting passionate students to make the world a better place. You can now update your website and respond to emails and do other mature things.

and you can also use the twitter for tweeting things! hooray!


Now that it is fairly certain that the world is not headed for an economic collapse that I'm sure would definitely mess with my student loans, please return to your regularly scheduled mid-term studying.


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