Neighborhood Watch

Columbia Daily Spectator

Although Jackson Heights has a smattering of fast-food restaurants and flashy American bank buildings, it is largely free of chain institutions that populate most of the city. Its downtown district has a large South Asian population, so you can find sari and jewelry stores, specialized grocers and bakeries, and a wide variety of restaurants.

Jackson Heights


Patel Brothers

Patel Brothers is a sizeable grocery store that provides all the ingredients needed to prepare South Asian cuisine. It sells a wide variety of lentils, flours, spices, packaged curries, and sauces at very reasonable prices.

3727 74th St. near 37th Ave.
Queens, NY 11372

Butala Emporium

As the name suggests, this store offers a wide variety of Indian goods; it has beauty products, decorations, and Indian magazines, as well as a variety of holographic deities and statuettes. Make sure to check out the basement for a large collection of intricately carved wooden furniture and sculptures. 

3746 74th St.
Queens, NY 11372

Himalayan Yak

Himalayan Yak, a Tibetan and Nepali restaurant, only recently put actual yak on its menu. It now serves Shapta and Cheley, sliced yak meat or tongue, sautéed with vegetables. We highly recommend its authentic Momo, a national dish of Tibetan-style dumplings. 

7220 Roosevelt Ave
Queens, NY 11372

Golden Music Inc.

This is a great place to find an array of Indian music, with everything from classical recordings to Bollywood dance albums. Gold Music Inc. also sells contemporary movies and instructional videos for learning how to play various instruments.

3713 74th St. #7
Queens, NY 11372

Arunee Thai

Arunee Thai is a cozy restaurant with a comfortably hip atmosphere. In its artwork-filled interior stands a table of Thai snacks for sale. The menu offers a wide variety of classic Thai dishes that are both delicious and affordable.

3768 79th St.
Queens, NY 11372