Wake up and smell the weekend

As you sip your coffee, black Oolong tea, or Red Bull (hopefully we aren't there yet) on this bright morning, here's some news from today's paper to keep you in the know. And just in case someone asks if you've read that article because OMG-it's-so-unbelievable-and-relevant, you can nod intelligently.

Read this: Columbia students and faculty respond to the Nairobi attacks here.

Know this: As Quarto, Columbia's longstanding lit mag, becomes a class open only to GS creative writing majors, the former editors are creating 4x4, meant to fill the void for a lit mag open to all students.

Consider this: Columnist Henry Willson joins the ongoing stress culture debate and warns against oversimplifying the causes and solutions of stress.

Here's more: The wife of Professor Prabhjot Singh, who was attacked last weekend, responds to the incident with a strong and hopeful message in this Daily Beast article.

And even more: It may have been a bad weekend for Columbia football, but columnist Daniel Radov says there's still much to be optimistic about.

Kiera Wood / Spec


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