This week in CCSC: Redundancies and advising

Columbia College Student Council correspondent Elizabeth Sedran brings you the 411 on last night's meeting. 

What They’ve Done

  • CCSC and Engineering Student Council hosted Passport to Columbia, a multicultural showcase attended by around 250 students.
  • CSSC and ESC changed the mission of the merger taskforce. The taskforce will now be looking at each Council to see whether there are redundancies between the councils, and whether the merger would be productive, as opposed to their former goal, where they assumed the merger was definite and looked for ways to ease the transition.
  • CCSC filmed Vine Videos over the weekend to promote WTF Columbia, for an advertising campaign starting today, and created a spreadsheet system for WTF Columbia issues, so that council members can respond effectively.

What to Expect

  • On Oct. 12, there will be a football game to raise money for Cancer Research in collaboration with Morgan Stanley and Columbia University Medical Center.
  • Work has started on an advising project. The goal is to create a guidebook for students to help direct them to schedule coordinators, and build their schedules.
  • CCSC has started to question academic departments about creating a peer advising system, where students could get advice about classes.
  • Open course evaluations were delayed because of technical issues with CUIT, but CCSC intends to push for the pilot program, so that it starts next semester.
  • ESC Sustainability Liaison Malini Nambiar, SEAS '15, and Ben Wang, CC '16, spoke about green initiatives at the University, and CCSC hopes to start planning and promoting sustainability projects over the course of the semester.


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