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Orientation 2013: Molly's tips on sporting events

  • Peter Bohnhof / Staff Photographer
    ON POINT | Although some of the larger sports have struggled to find success, smaller teams like fencing have been quite successful.

How to navigate Light Blue sporting events, direct from Spec Sports' own Molly Tow:

Invest in a MetroCard: You should anyway, you're living in Manhattan! Regardless, while there are fan buses up to Baker, they don't always run, and lines can be horrendously long. Plus, you'll need one if you're going up to watch the more minor sports.  

Look beyond the marquee sports: Obviously football and basketball garner the most attention, but Columbia boasts some of the nation's elite in sports like fencing and track. 

Befriend Roar-ee (both on Facebook and in real life): Mascots are awesome, and Roar-ee is no exception. Do it. The dude photobombs like a champ, too. 

Avoid sitting behind the band: Trust me. You gotta love their spirit, but your sensory organs will thank you.

Learn the fight song: It's crucial, especially if you're a football fan.  |  @molly1016tow

This article is part of Spectator's Orientation Issue. You can read the rest of the issue here.


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Anonymous posted on

If you are a Columbia athlete, you can assault other people. It's a good way to reduce pressure. There will be no consequence. Never has there been any.

Anonymous posted on

If you are a Columbia student, you can wrongly accuse and defame other people. It's a good way to reduce pressure. There will be no consequence that your ignorance parallels the similar accusations once attributed to the young man who you refer to.

Except his charges have been dropped. And your prejudice has not. Get over it, bro.