Poor studying decisions

Winter is over but finals are coming, and that is a poor combination indeed. Here are some tips on how you should not be studying for finals:

1. DO NOT study in bed. Alice! has all sorts of tips on how to get a better night's sleep, and part of their advice is to have a workspace separate from your sleep-space. This is built upon multiple studies that indicate people become habituated to certain behaviors in specific environments. And, like, beds are comfy and make people fall asleep and stuff.

2. DO NOT try to power through without taking any breaks. Studies show that people can only concentrate for---wait what oh look a Legend of Korra gif that perfectly encapsulates how I feel when a professor doesn't email me back in a timely manner during this magical time of year.

...Anyway. Don't study for more than 20 minutes at a time, says this website with scholarly citations.

3. DO NOT let your breaks last more than an hour.

4. DO NOT take that Sporcle quiz until you get every answer right. LIFE IS NOT JUST ABOUT WINNING, OKAY.

Easy, right? And so inviting.

5. DO NOT pull consecutive all-nighters. This closely relates to tip #1, but now I feel justified posting a video of a sleepy animal.


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