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Senior Columns 2013

Former Spectator editors share their experiences and thoughts before graduation.

April 29
The eye contact trick by Melanie Broder
Saved from the winter wind by Alex Collazo
Don't pop the bubble by Allison Malecha
Many thanks by Michael Zhong

April 30
Welcoming inexperience by Derek Arthur
Unabashedly dedicated by Jeremy Bleeke
An act of faith by Jacquellena Carrero

May 1
So I beat on by Andrea García-Vargas
Taking the plunge by Melissa von Mayrhauser
No regrets by Maricela Gonzalez

May 6
Sentimental sandwiches by Jason Bell
Colliding with errors by Jim Pagels
Selective sacrifice by Trevor Cohen
A place to find myself by Jennifer Fearon
Freedom of constraint by Sarah Darville


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Anonymous posted on

broken link to Maricela's column! I think it needs the second r in regrets put back in for the link to work

ball41adult posted on

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