Red Bull and relaxation

It’s one of the last few weekends of the semester before rampant paranoia about finals and last-minute summer plans and grad school and getting a job and NEVER MAKING PARTNER AT A LAW FIRM kick in. We at The Eye, then, think you should just take this weekend to relax a little bit. You know, do something for yourself (a foreign concept to you at this point in the semester, perhaps).

If you like theater, you could rush a show downtown, and, who knows—maybe you’ll see some celebs.

You could write a letter finally admitting your love to someone you’ve been admiring from afar.

If you like computer science, you could spend your weekend chugging Red Bull at a hackathon (doesn’t sound like our idea of relaxing, but, well, whatever).

You could try to compose a photo essay as lovely as this one by Braudie Blais-Billie.

Or you could just read this week's issue of The Eye! Enjoy!


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