Back to the kitchen: A short journey through sexist pop culture

In her recent article for The Eye, Ana Diaz pointed out the sexism inherent in popular game design. Because of our sexualized culture, we often seem to let sexism slide a bit more than other forms of discrimination. After all, racist jokes can’t sell like sex. So with that in mind, it is time for us to go on a journey.


Russia has been unabashedly cashing in on sexualization, with beer cans like these by designer Katrina Radic:


Or this ad for Snickers:

Or this ad for…shoes?

But the land of the free and home of the brave is not be outdone by those commies, so they serve up a good dose of sexy advertising for the most masculine event of the year: the Super Bowl. It’s the only place where scantily clad women can dance for the whole family without it feeling like you’re taking the kids to a strip club. Maybe that’s why the phenomenon of cheerleaders always appalled my parents. It also implies that there are no female sports fans, since you don’t see Magic Mike and Co. doing the halftime show with the girls. So they aired commercials like this one on the crazy ex.

Or any Go Daddy commercial ever.

Or whatever this show is supposed to be.

PETA also got in on the act with this ad, which prompted some vehement responses in Ms. Magazine:

“Don't you see what's really going on here?! The sexism debate raised by the PETA ad in question is intended to distract us from PETA's true agenda. And this is: to wipe out wild pussies around the globe! Long on the list of endangered species, the wild pussy is racing toward extinction at an alarming rate. Yet what does PETA do? It hunts down one of the few wild pussies left...!" ---Minerva Gow, Montreal, Que., Canada

Hey, whatever will get people’s attention, I guess. And just look at all the progress we’ve made since the 50s:

Spend some time searching the web and you’ll find sexism everywhere, from the games you play to the videos you watch to the ads you have to watch before them. Some may say that’s the fault of the producer, but on this one, I say that it is firmly in the camp of the consumers:


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Katrina Radic posted on

Just wanted to let you know that I did not design those cans - I just wrote about them on brandingmagazine.com


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