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This week, The Eye's Marlee Fox discusses Nicholas Sparks movies, their commercial viability, and why we even bother hating on this genre of romantic comedy in the first place since we're probably still going to see all the movies anyway. We started wondering about why it is that the things that entertain us just seem to have less substance than they used to, which got us thinking... What if the things we read in the Core were more like those novels that Sparks seems to bang out every two months or so? Here are some of your favorite Lit Hum books, reimagined as rom-coms. Which sure would be a whole lot easier to get through at 3 a.m. the night before class. Especially if Ryan Gosling was playing Odysseus.

Abstinence: Spring 2014

When the Zeta Alpha Zeta sorority sisters at Lysistrata State University find themselves short on cash for their annual spring break bash, it seems as though all hope is lost to a totally boring semester. But when the manipulating president of rival sorority Phi Iota Mu offers them the cash for the bash, it’s not without a catch. The sisters of ZAZ must swear off boys for 100 days: No talking, no touching, and especially no sex! With the scheming sisters of PIM planning to take over the title of top sorority on campus by luring in the frats who get the cold shoulder from ZAZ, the sisters of Zeta Alpha Zeta just may be in over their heads.


Bad Company: Summer 2013

After the dust settles from the whirlwind romance of the honeymoon phase of her marriage, Medea, the sharp-witted foreign wife of a powerful CEO, finds out her husband is planning to abandon her for the young, beautiful daughter of a rival corporation's chief executive in order to make a merger. Devastated and determined, Medea concocts a plan to show him who’s really boss with the help of her children and a charming stranger. After sacrificing everything, can Medea have her fairytale ending after all?


Eat, Pray, Confess: Spring 2013

From the makers of Montaignted Love. Introverted Augustine is perfectly content with life: Writing horoscope ad libs, performing magic tricks in his room, and recording all the mundane days of his life on his blog. But when Augustine chases after a dove that escaped from one of his magic tricks, he runs into a rough crowd that pressures him to steal a pear from a neighbor's yard. Little did he know that this fruit would seal his fate. This is the coming of age story of a young boy who discovers God in the pit of a pear.

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