Sex & Low Beach

Now that we’re a week deep into the part of the semester that follows spring break, many of the most exciting moments of the school year are upon us. For example, we find out in just a few short days who's playing at Bacchanal (and hopefully won’t be disappointed, though we at The Eye, in our endless Columbian cynicism, aren’t too hopeful).

For the Class of 2013, something wicked this way comes: Real life. Many of you guys are probably stressing more than ever, wishing you had just gone to vocational schools instead of sinking 240k into a liberal arts degree.

The end of the year certainly has its wonderful moments, though. You’ll be able to sit outside on the steps, soaking up the sun and laughing with your friends. Maybe you’ll even catch the eye of that special someone on Low Beach, and they’ll finally respond to your CU Admirers post…

To prepare for all the wonderful fun that will ensue, why not read The Eye’s lead this week, “Sex Talk”?

Better yet, check out the whole issue! Enjoy!


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