ESC candidates are out: just one executive board party

The Engineering Student Council just released its slate of candidates for 2013-14, and—as was the case with the Columbia College Student Council—there's only one party running for the executive board, plus a solo VP candidate. Unless anything unexpected happens, next year's ESC president will be Siddhant Bhatt, SEAS '14, who is currently the council's Vice President of Finance.

Read on for the candidates, and check back tomorrow for a full story from the News Desk.

Executive Board
PSet 150
Siddhant Bhatt – President of the Student Body
Tanya Shah – Vice President, Policy of the Council
Jillian Ross – Vice President, Communications of the Council
Brian Wu – Vice President, Finance of the Council
Rushal Rege – Vice President, Student Life of the Council

Matthew Sheridan – Vice President, Communications of the Council

For the rest of the candidates, check after the jump.

Class of 2014
Daniel O’Leary – Class President
Caroline Taylor – Class Vice President
Andrew Gonzalez – Class Representative
Linda Sun – Class Representative

Sheila Misheni – Class President

Class of 2015
Blue Union
Joshua Boggs – Class President
Shensi Ding – Class Vice President
Maria Balsinde – Class Representative
Gilbert Feig – Class Representative

Class of 2016
Michelle Lee – Class President
Caroline Park – Class Vice President
Abdulrahman Sam Skhosaim – Class Representative

Fu’tastic Four
Stephanie Lee – Class President
Omar Abboud – Class Vice President
Chloe Blanchard – Class Representative
Nicolas Camacho – Class Representative

Academic Affairs Representative
Robert Ying

Professional Development and Alumni Affairs Representative
Janiel Li
Aditya Naganath

Student Services Representative
Jerry Sun

CCSC Liaison
Vishnu Kalugotla

GSSC Liaison
Manali Yavatkar

SGA Liaison
Jason Kang

Director of Technology
Vanshil Shah

Sustainability Liaison
Malini Nambiar



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Interest in student government is at an all-time high

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