"This place has everything": The weirdest hotspots in NYC

In light of The Eye’s feature on the trend of rock musicals this week, we decided to do a roundup of some of the loudest, wildest things to do in NYC. New York has always been at the forefront of the tasteless and the magical, and not just in theater, but in art and music as well. Here’s a quick look at what once was and what is currently freaking your parents out.

Andy Warhol’s "Exploding Plastic Inevitable" (EPI) was a series of multimedia concerts that began in New York in 1966. EPI took place throughout the city, but the most common venue was  “Dom,” a club formerly located in the East Village. These events combined interpretive dance, poetry reading, S&M play, film screenings, and music by the legendary rock band the Velvet Underground. Heavy drug use, free love, and general experimentation were par for the course.

Lucky for us, there are a few places throughout the city that are still dedicated to this spirit of uninhibited eccentricity.

Santos Party House, located between Tribeca and Chinatown, is one such venue. The brainchild of the garish and infinitely entertaining Andrew W.K., Santos provides a multilevel party space where patrons can enjoy live music, admire disco balls and hanging spacemen, and dance until they collapse.

A quick trip on the L will lead you to the next spot where odd reigns supreme. Death by Audio, located on 2nd and Kent in Brooklyn, creates a unique and debatably claustrophobic environment in which performers and concertgoers are pressed together immediately upon entry. Ever wanted to party with a demonic Mickey and Minnie or a guy who sort of looks like Bob Dylan but sounds like a car accident on repeat? If you answered yes, then waste no time checking out Death by Audio.

Santos and Death by Audio are just a few spaces in NY where you can get your freak on in the most literal sense. But if you start wandering around the city in any direction, you’re bound to run into something crazy that will rock your world and leave you feeling slightly dirty.


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Samuel posted on

Awesomesauce Mr. McKenna, pure awesomesauce

Trebor Grebnesor posted on

I have often been told that I am very critical of people's work and I would tend to agree with them. I read this article and after reading the first paragraph, which I thought was a little girly, I almost stopped but the reputation of the author compelled me to keep reading. Not only do I want to meet the man, shake his hand and buy him a tall shot of whiskey but I want to read more! Get this man his own desk, secretary and coffee machine and let him tour us all through the city I thought I knew prior to this article coming out.

285 > DBA posted on

Also, I think (le) poisson rouge has a more edgy atmosphere than Santos. Santos is always smoky, but lpr has that intense red lighting. Also Macaulay Caulkin throws regular parties there. Totally thought he was dead.