Foraging in Ferris

In this week’s issue of The Eye, we ran a feature on the trend of foraging, or New York City restaurants cooking only with ingredients that they grew, caught, or gathered locally.

Unfortunately, it can be pretty difficult to afford chic foodie trends on a student budget. However, with a little ingenuity and a meal plan, Columbia students can forage for delectable (?) delights of their own that will rival even the hippest restaurant creations. Here are some culinary concoctions you can scrounge together by visiting different dining spots on campus. Enjoy!

The Hangover Kit: Pair some wings from JJ’s place with a steaming cup of coffee from Joe, and you’re good to go from Saturday night to Sunday morning.

The Architect: Get a salad from the café in Butler. You know, the kind with the unreasonably enormous rectangular blocks of cheese on them. Proceed to use cheese to create miniature models of Columbia buildings. Around the holidays, take some gingerbread cookies from John Jay to populate your edible buildings!

Candy Mountain: Steal some peppermints and Hershey’s Kisses from Ferris. Head downstairs for one of those completely sealed smoothies at Café East. Flip the smoothie totally upside-down and embellish the top with candy. You’ll have yourself a colorful and majestic dessert.

The Rebel: Take somebody’s “Special Request” from that little fridge in Hewitt. Honestly, does anybody even know what that’s really for?

The True Adventurer: Anything at Brad’s. The uncertainty of the outcome is as wild as dumpster diving.


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Anonymous posted on

Actually kinda true about Brad's.