Bold predictions for your Super Bowl Sunday

As you all know, today is the most glorious of all unofficial holidays---Super Bowl Sunday.

Whether you're rooting for the San Francisco 49ers or the Baltimore Ravens (which, by the way, you shouldn't be), looking forward to Queen Beyoncé performing at halftime, or just tuning in to watch the commercials, the Super Bowl XLVII is bound to have something for you.

And since, at least for now, you're here instead of ESPN, some of the senior Spec Sports staff have put together a pick and a bold prediction (à la the NFL Network) to help get you ready for tonight.

Check out our predictions, and leave yours in the comments!

Myles Simmons, Sports Editor

49ers 24-17

"Kaepernick throws an early pick to Ed Reed, but leads the 49ers down the field in the last five minutes for a game-winning drive."

Alison Macke, Sports Editor

49ers 31-28

"Ray Lewis re-injures his arm and has to come out of the game."

Rebeka Cohan, Former Sports Editor, Sports Columnist

49ers 34-30

"Jim Nantz and Phil Simms will spend a significant amount of time talking about Beyoncé's halftime performance."

Steven Lau, Multimedia Editor (and Bay Area resident, for what it's worth)

49ers 28-17

"The Niners are going to rush for more than 300 yards and throw for 250."

Muneeb Alam, Deputy Sports Columns Editor

49ers 27-21

"The Capitals and Penguins (12:30 EST on NBC) will have more scoring plays than the Ravens and Niners combined."

Molly Tow, Deputy Sports Features Editor

49ers 33-27

"Ray Lewis cries."

Eli Schultz, Deputy Sports Multimedia Editor

49ers 24-14

"The 49ers will double the Ravens' rushing yard total."

Peter Andrews, Sports Columnist

Ravens 23-20

"David Akers will miss the game-tying field goal, and Jim Harbaugh will slam his headset into the ground at least once."

Sam Tydings, Sports Columnist, WKCR broadcaster

49ers 38-17

"Flacco throws two picks, Kaepernick accounts for four touchdowns."



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