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Letter to the editor: give credit where credit is due

To the Editor:

Tuesday’s edition of the Spectator featured an op-ed by Steven Castellano titled “Less is More.” The piece, which discusses student wellness at Columbia, generated a frenzy of online discussion. At the hour that I am writing this letter, there are already 28 comments on the online edition of this article. Steven’s words have apparently hit a nerve—student wellness is, after all, a hot-button issue in campus discourse.

If only that were the whole story.

The despicable truth is that Steven’s “Less is More” trades on the popularity of my hilarious and much-beloved column “Liss is More.” For two semesters, I ruled these pages. In fact, I have it on good authority that my biweekly opinion pieces single-handedly doubled Spec’s readership, adding 10 to 20 new readers per month. So, of course, when people see “Less is More” on the front page of columbiaspectator.com, they flock to the link in droves.

Out of indignation, I refuse to look at any of the comments on Steven’s article. But I’m sure they all read something like this:
“Where are the jokes?”
“Jeremy, this is your mother. Please call me back.”

If the Columbia Spectator persists in this heinous infringement of my brand, I will have no choice but to pursue legal action.

Jeremy Liss, CC ’13
Proprietary Owner of “Liss is More”

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Real Talk posted on

Massage that ego, and keep living in a fantasy reality where you think this is funny and anyone cares.

Anonymous posted on

Real Talk lacks a sense of humor.

Anonymous posted on