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NYPD releases information about two muggings last December in Morningside Heights

The New York Police Department is asking for help in finding two men suspected of two muggings in Morningside Heights last December.

The first robbery occurred on Dec. 18 near 520 W. 123rd St. around 5 p.m., a police spokesperson said. The suspects approached the victim brandishing a firearm and demanded valuables before fleeing.

On Dec. 26 outside 377 W. 125th St. around 8 p.m, the two struck again carrying out the attack in the same manner. There were no reported injuries in either incident, and both sets of victims complied with the robbers.

Police released a surveillance photo of the two suspects. One is wearing a dark hooded jacket and has a ponytail. The second suspect is mostly obscured but looks taller than his accomplice, wearing white sneakers and a dark hooded top.

A total of 34 robberies and grand larcenies have been reported over the last 28 days in Morningside Heights’ 26th Precinct, a slight increase from this time last year.

Fast street robberies such as these have persisted in the 26th Precinct over the past year. At the precinct’s monthly neighborhood meeting, police commanders and community affairs officers have repeatedly warned of the dangers of displaying valuables such as wallets and phones in public. This is particularly true of the iPhone 5, which has been a hot-ticket item for muggers and thieves in the 26th Precinct as well as in West Harlem’s 28th Precinct.

Information relating to these incidents can be reported to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-57-TIPS (8477) or on | @ColumbiaSpec


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