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  • THE 137TH MANAGING BOARD | <em>Back row, left to right</em>: Steven Lau, multimedia editor; Myles Simmons, sports editors; Ryan Veling, design editor; Yasmin Gagne, editorial page editor; and David Brann, photo editor. <em>Second-to-last row, left to right:</em> Jeremy Budd, news editor; Casey Tolan, news editor; Finn Vigeland, managing editor; Sammy Roth, editor in chief; Wes Rodriguez, chief revenue officer; Alex Smyk, publisher. <em> Second row, left to right:</em> Rebeka Cohan, staff development director; Sara Garner,

It's the first day of classes, so catching up on the news probably isn't your top priority. We get it. But, somehow or other, you've made your way to this editors' note, and whether you picked up a newspaper, or opened, or clicked a link on Twitter, we just want to say thank you—thank you for taking the time to read today's Spectator. A lot of people put a lot of hard work into making it happen.

Still, this is only the first issue of Volume 137, and we hope you'll stick with us throughout the year. We'll be working tirelessly not only to cover the stories most relevant to Columbia students, but also to give you more ways than ever to find and enjoy those stories. We're excited to launch a redesign of our website in February, but that's just the beginning. Expect to see more videos, slideshows, and interactive graphics accompanying our stories. Look out for breaking news on Twitter and Facebook—next time something big happens, you'll see it first @ColumbiaSpec. And be sure to follow Spectrum, the best blog on campus, for commentary, jokes, and some new features that we can't wait to roll out.

Whether you make Spectator part of your morning routine, scroll through our tweets on your way to class, or check the website before you go to sleep, we think you'll have more reasons than ever to keep reading. That said, we know we're not perfect, and we want to know how we can do better. Any time you have a tip, or a suggestion, or a critique, we want to hear it. You can comment on our articles, email us at, or tweet at us—we'll be paying attention. If you're feeling ambitious, you can even stop by our office, at 2875 Broadway, any night from Sunday through Thursday. We'll be here, putting out the newspaper, and we'd love to hear from you.

Thanks, as always, for reading. Here's to a great semester!

Sammy Roth
Editor in chief

Finn Vigeland
Managing editor


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