Eye Drop: Highlights from this week's magazine

No Doubt, Skyfall . . . Assassins? In this week’s lead, Eye Editors recount the best of 2012, from music, movies, Homeland moments, fashion, and all things arts and culture-y. [Lead]

Why did important church figures focus on long speeches when they could have spread their message through holiday songs? P.J. Sauerteig gives these fathers the chance they never seized. [Eyesites]

While “healthier” fast, casual restaurants such as Chipotle and Panera Bread have seen a spike in popularity in recent years, fast food isn’t going anywhere. Mei–Vern Then explains why America is still supersized. [Food]

What makes R. Kelly’s  hip-hopera, Trapped in the Closet, so purely excellent and wonderfully insane as to make Anneliese Cooper almost spill her coffee in excitement? Find out in this week’s 20/20. [20/20]

Even though the country’s activist spirit may have cooled down overall, “New Yorkers have never been reluctant to speak their minds,” as Monica Carty discusses in her article on the Museum of the City of New York’s latest exhibition, “Activist New York.”  [Ideas]


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