Prepare thyself: The holidays are coming

With a week until the start of Hanukkah and about three weeks until Christmas, the holiday season is finally upon us. With finals looming though, it doesn't feel much like the holidays at all, save those three peppermint mochas you drank to get through Moby Dick--or was that just me? To get y'all more into the holiday spirit, I've hand-picked the best videos to revisit around this time of year.

Schweddy Balls: We begin with a perennial favorite from the masterminds at Saturday Night Love. With Molly Shannon, Alec Baldwin, and never-not-funny wordplay, this is sure to bring holiday cheer to your Butler sesh. The best way to watch this is to start the video and switch tabs, like you're actually listening to an NPR show.

The Hanukkah Song: Sure, Adam Sandler made Jack and Jill, but remember when he was on Saturday Night Live and was funny? And remember when he brought the  Hanukkah song into our lives? Who could forget?

Stefon: Wondering what New York's hottest holiday themed clubs are? Bill Hader's best character, Stefon, can help you out. Just try not laugh hysterically when you find out what a human parking cone is.

Candlelight: YouTube group The Maccabeats put together a Hanukkah version of Bruno Mars' "Dynamite." The video is entertaining, and the song is a solid reworking of Mars' hit.


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