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Neighborhood Watch: Rockefeller Center and Avenue of the Americas

The Rink at Rockefeller Center

601 Fifth Ave.
If you want to follow in the enchanting tradition of visiting the tree, you must skating and falling numerous times on the historic Rockefeller Plaza ice rink is an experience that everyone should have at least once (as they limit the rink to 150 people at a time for a more intimate session). Be warned, though: The ticket price to start skating at 7 a.m. doesn’t include skating rentals, and you would have to reserve your spots now.

La Maison du Chocolat

30 Rockefeller Center
If you think that you’ve stuffed enough on food or sweets, take a look around you. Do you see the twinkling lights, the gigantic ornaments, hear the songs and carols? It’s the holidays: This calls for overindulgence. Without going so far as actually jetting off to Paris, realistically, you can get an equally lavish experience at La Maison du Chocolat. It has every kind of chocolate you could possibly imagine—and those that you can’t—with chic Parisian names that only add to its luxurious quality. If you’re looking for a gift, go no further than the universally loved gourmet chocolate box sets.


640 Fifth Ave.
Once you’ve finished creating your dream holiday wish list and found some inspiration, go for some cheap holiday shopping for trendy, affordable pieces. You can likely get most of your small, kitschy gifts for others in this quintessential shopping destination.

Brasserie Ruhlmann

45 Rockefeller Plaza
If you’re looking for a more refined dining experience, go no further than this French restaurant. Its Art Deco interior by artist Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann is as intricate as its dishes. From wild mushroom risottos to shrimp and lobster rolls, every palate would delight at the elegant offerings, perfect whether with family or on a date.

LEGO Store and Nintendo World

620 Fifth Ave. and 10 Rockefeller Plaza
You’re already at the tree lighting, so face it: Feeling like a child is inevitable during the holiday season. After marveling at the sparkling lights and cooing at the pretty, ornate decorations outside, warm up inside by playing with toys and video games and secretly wish that every day was that buoyant.


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