Eye Drop: Highlights from this week's magazine

Last March, Bwog, the blog of the Blue and White, announced that Obama would be delivering the Barnard class of 2012 Commencement speech. And unless you were living in the stacks or under a large, urban rock, you heard about, perused, or maybe even contributed to the long thread of comments, largely comprised of attacks on Barnard students, under the blog post. Talk on the subject has since subsided considerably, but in this week’s lead, Margaret Boykin brings the issue back to the forefront. [Lead]

"Far East" and "fast food" are the new buzzwords when it comes to New York City eats. Brea Salim explores the growing trend of Asian-fusion fast food. [Food]

What happens when Fox News tries to write about feminism? Read Anneliese Cooper’s response to “The War on Men” to find out. [20/20]

Try asking people here in Morningside where to find a drag ball, and they’ll likely scratch their heads in response—or worse, tell you to tune in to RuPaul’s Drag Race. But it seems drag culture still abounds—if you know where to look. Suze Myers discusses NYC’s underground drag scene. [Ideas]

Recent University of Pennsylvania grad Rachel Seville moonlights as the wordy genius behind the fashion blog Pizza Rulez. The Eye chatted with Rachel in her apartment on Friday night as she served champagne in china teacups. [Interview]


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