Mult-eye-media: Faces of Undocumentation

In last week's Lead, Naomi Cohen wrote about undocumented students at Columbia by telling their stories and highlighting people at Columbia who help them. Below are interviews with the different individuals mentioned in the article.

Though he now has a student visa, Brandon had to leave the United States for a year before attending Columbia because of his initial lack of status. He is now a  first year majoring in Math. Hear him talk about his experience:

Roberto came to the states when he was 11 and  grew up with a complicated relationship to the US and to his classmates. He's currently a junior majoring in Economics and Latin American and Iberian cultures. Hear his story:

Even though her parents don't hold US citizenship, Abril was unafraid to share this fact with the Columbia Chicano Caucus. She is now a senior in the college. Her story:

Assistant Prof. Kenny Nienhusser
As a professor at Teachers College, Nienhusser also works to research the stigma that exists for undocumented students in higher education.

Vice Provost William Baldwin
Baldwin helped settle the account of an undocumented student who couldn't afford Teachers College. He believes universities such as Columbia should have a fund set up for similar circumstances.


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