Eye Drop: Highlights from this week's magazine

Do we spend too much time talking about talking? Where would we be if we didn’t? In this week’s lead, Rega Jha takes a closer look at the rules of discourse and the value of a “safe space.” [Lead]

Daniel Nardicio has been called it all: a “sleaze impresario,”  “Gay Howard Stern,” “Gay Hugh Hefner,” and the “Spirit of New York.” The Eye sat down to talk to the man behind the biggest underwear party in the world. [Interview]

Cory and Topanga’s daughter is starring in Girl Meets World, Disney’s remake of the classic 90s show.  Laura Booth explains why a contemporary remake just won’t cut it. [20/20]

We are what we eat. Find out what the helpings on your Thanksgiving dinner plate say about you. [Eyesites]

Edible Deodorant. Yeah, you heard me. Because it’s far too difficult, as Anneliese Cooper explains in this week’s 20/20, “to raise your arm at a slightly obtuse angle so as to swipe a gel stick under it.” [20/20]


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