Sportscast hosts sum up big weekend for Light Blue athletics

Last week on the Sportscast, Nick Scott was a pumpkin, and this week, Brian Barbour is a roll of toilet paper. (Want to find out what happens to that toilet paper? Watch until the end.)

Putting aside the antics of the Sportscast hosts, this weekend was extremely successful for many of the Lions' teams, and Eli Schultz and Nick Scott give a recap of all the action.

Senior volleyball player Megan Gaughn's record-breaking kill, the men's cross country team's second-place finish at the Northeast Regionals meet, and the season-opening win for the men's basketball team are just a few of the topics of discussion.

And if for no other reason, watch the whole show to catch a surprise announcement by Eli and to find out what Nick does with Brian's replacement.


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