Why we love Amy Poehler and Tina Fey

From election hysteria to Hurricane Sandy, from typhoid mice to student identity shamming, it’s been a semester of unusual phenomena.

Still, there is a greater curiosity afoot: it seems large sects of the population have taken genuine interest in the Golden Globes.

Upon investigation, we found there’s indeed good reason for the perturbational excitement: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Ever since the dynamic duo announced they’d be hosting this year’s awards, we ourselves can’t help but rejoice.

We’re in fact so excited, we think it only appropriate to thank them. Let us take a moment to celebrate these ladies and appreciate all they’ve given us.

First, a shout out to Tina Fey for giving us the most quotable movie of all time. You go, Tina! Simultaneously, let us remember Amy’s part in this masterpiece.

We love Amy even more as Leslie Knope. Re-watching bits of this episode has gotten me through more than one long night this semester. If you’ve never watched Parks and Rec before, there’s no time like the present; the new season (which premiered Sept. 20) is genius.

Next, we remember Bossypants; evidence that Tina’s wit is equal only to her intelligence. Part autobiography, part humor writing, part self-help, it’s a little erratic. But somehow she pulls it off. This is why we love her.

On behalf of modern women everywhere, I’d like to thank Amy for this clip, and Tina, for being both self-driven and glamorous.

More importantly, we love Tina and Amy for the candid, real-life things they do; for the real people they are. Exhibit A: Tina’s not-so-subtle nod to Todd Akin. Exhibit B: Amy’s heartwarming web video series for girls of any age, “Ask Amy”, through which she gives down-to-earth advice on body image, friends, and stress.

Amy’s website honors individuals who are changing the word “by being themselves”. In turn, we honor you, Amy.

Separately, Amy and Tina are amazing. Together, they are pure magic. Let us not forget this gem from the SNL vault, and the hilarity of their combined powers in Baby Mama.

...And the hilarity of this photobomb.

The Golden Globes are scheduled for January 13, 8 pm EST. Thanks to Tina and Amy, we couldn’t be more excited.


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