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Neighborhood Watch: Greenwich Village

Caffe Reggio

119 MacDougal Street
Even though Starbucks, Oren’s, and Joe are solid remedies to the typical Blue Java brew, sometimes the environment can make your caffeine fix even more enjoyable. The best place to get a coffee bean infusion with awesome décor is Caffe Reggio. It purports to have brought the cappuccino to America, and the story is backed up by the ancient cappuccino machine that gleams in the café’s dim but relaxing lighting. The walls are covered in too-dark oil paintings and portraits that make you feel like you got there in a time machine instead of on the 1 train.

The IFC Center

323 6th Avenue
As a hub of independent film, it’s always good to head down to the IFC Center and check out the best indie films the world has to offer. Currently showing the acclaimed adapted screenplay “Sleepwalk With Me,” and a documentary about the Rolling Stones in Ireland, the Center also offers special series and events. Starting Nov. 16, there will be a series featuring Hayao Miyazaki films, including “Princess Mononoke,” “Spirited Away,” and “My Neighbor Totoro.”

Vive La Crepe

114 University Place
You don’t need to jet off to Paris for an authentic French crêpe—they’re just a cab ride away. Whether you’re craving one that’s savory or sweet, this quaint Village shop whips them up right in front of customers from fresh ingredients displayed on the bar. Perhaps you’ll go for the spinach and goat cheese, indulge in the dark chocolate variety, or opt for the simple sugar and butter. Whichever you choose, the offerings at this café in the middle of the city’s bustling downtown area will satisfy you for however many blocks it takes to walk to your next stop.

Artichoke Basille’s Pizza

111 MacDougal Street
Artichoke is the kind of place that looks unassuming from the outside, with a simple sign and logo—until you realize that the line down the street is streaming out the door. This downtown gem might not have the extensive seating of its Chelsea sister-restaurant, but the pizza makes up for the outdoor bench seating. Though it offers the regular pizza fare, the joint is known for its signature pie: a creamy artichoke and spinach pizza topped with a delicious alfredo sauce.

The Cornelia Street Café

29 Cornelia Street
First opened in 1977, Cornelia has made a name for itself as a haven for writers, poets, and musicians to showcase their work in its basement. But despite the hype—and even despite the oft visiting tour groups—Cornelia remains a great place to get food hailed by everyone from Time Out to New York Magazine. For a Saturday morning out, it’s worth ordering their $20 brunch prix fixe, which includes an entrée and baked good along with two drinks. For the best dining experience, opt for the gooey warm chocolate bread and their eggs florentine smothered with hollandaise sauce.


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