Sportscast recaps Lions' modest weekend against Crimson

An overly tan, slightly plumper, marginally less-vocal version of men's soccer player Nick Scott sits alongside hosts Brian Barbour and Eli Schultz in this fall's eighth episode of the Spectator Sportscast.

Apart from Harvard's 69-0 blowout of Columbia, the Lions' teams fared well last weekend against the Crimson and their other opponents.

Watch as Eli, Brian, and "Nick" give a rundown of all the Light Blue's wins and losses.

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Question posted on

Does Eli look like Daniel Radcliffe, or is it just me?

I like your reports.

Anonymous posted on

did they cut to the blue screen to get rid of their smirks at 69-0? It is way funnier said aloud than typed out.

fvigeland posted on

Another enjoyable sportscast. I think the Al Jazeera team sitting behind us in Chicago also enjoyed it. (Not even a joke.)

Disappointment: wanted Nick Scott to appear in the credits. :(