What we want to see from the girl smarter than Einstein

Recent news is that a young Brit lass named Olivia Manning and aged 12 has scored a 162 on her IQ test, which is apparently 2 points higher than Hawking and Einstein.

Whether you agree or disagree to an IQ test being an accurate representation of intelligence, here’s what I envision (maybe more like desperately hope) Olivia achieving before her 20th birthday:

  • TIME TRAVEL, obviously.
  • Invent a lie-detector.
  • Discover a distraction more addicting than bubble wrap.
  • Provide an entertaining but educational alternative to Jersey Shore.
  • Invent something that actually keeps me up all night that is not coffee or Adderall. (#collegestudentprobs)
  • Cure cancer.
  • On a lighter note, finding a cure for the common cold would be really helpful too, actually…
  • Figure out a way to prevent urinal splashback.
  • Take over Apple Inc. and actually revamp iOS.
  • Invent microphone that never gets audio feedback.
  • Find a way for countries to be self-sustainable.
  • Alternative green, cheap energy. (Might as well dream big.)
  • Restructure American public school education and somehow integrate world geography?
  • Invent a machine that will record all your dreams and accurately tell you the meaning behind it.
  • Write a (decent) book that will beat out the sales of Fifty Shades of Gray and the Twilight series combined
  • Find a music of genre that is even more annoying than dubstep.
  • Discover the next fashion fad – heels that actually don’t hurt!
  • Figure out how to actually Apparate.
  • Invent a pencil that never goes dull.
  • But honestly though, quoting one of my favorite movies, Miss Congeniality, “All I want is world peace.”


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I hate that I spent time reading this

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