Eye Drop: Highlights from this week's magazine

A hearty "Happy Halloween!" is in order today, as we launch The Eye's first ever Halloween Issue! Check out some of the highlights from our spook-tacular (yes, we went there) special issue. 

This week's lead is deliberately word-light, as we decided to do a Halloween-inspired fashion shoot. Charlotte Fassler's photography and Gabriella Karefa-Johnson's styling take fashion and give it a tinge of horror-movie feel. [The Lead]

Dita Von Teese is known as an icon of burlesque, and has expanded into writing, fashion, and even perfume. This week, Anneliese Cooper talks to Von Teese about her new show, Strip, Strip, Hooray! and how she's bringing vintage sexy back. [Eye to Eye]

Blackout NYC is supposed to be one of the scariest things ever—it's so scary some people have to shout the safe word to be delivered from its terror. Rae Binstock went to see what all the fuss was about, and wasn't too fazed. [View From Here

As technology changes, so does the way that we interact with media, specifically music. As we move away from vinyl and CDs, the music industry has played catch up, most notably with Bjork releasing an album as an app. Nicholai Roman explores how musicians are using apps to move their music. [Music]

With the thousands of articles published across the web daily, it can be hard to choose what to read. Narratively, a new initiative, makes that choice easy by publishing one long-form story every day. Parul Guliani writes about Narratively and its efforts to bring human interest to the forefront amid all the fluff. [Ideas]

Recently, Gawker outed infamous Reddit troll violentacrez. Some redditors like violentacrez for pushing the boundaries of free speech, and most people just think he's disgusting. Kelly Lane tackles why, just because it's not illegal, trolling still hits an already tender nerve. [20/20]


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over it posted on

i am so over dita von teese. please just make her go away.

Woodleigh Hubbard posted on

Who is the eye-popper on the cover?