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Lions rowing compete at Princeton Three-Mile Chase

The men’s and women’s rowing teams competed at the Princeton Three-Mile Chase this weekend. The competition, held on Lake Carnegie, was hosted by Princeton’s crew coaching staff and was open to men’s and women’s collegiate crews.

In the men’s varsity heavyweight eight, Columbia took 10th place out of 49 teams, finishing in 12:45.469. Princeton won the race while Columbia crews also placed 21th, 35th, and 41st in the competition. In the men’s varsity heavyweight four, won by Cornell, Columbia came in 11th of 47 teams with a time of 14:12.109. Columbia teams also came in 17th and 47th in the event.
Harvard won the men’s varsity lightweight eight while Columbia crews placed sixth and 24th out of 27 teams with times of 13:03.875 and 14:08.030.

Princeton won the men’s freshman eight, in which Columbia A placed sixth with a time of 13:20.248 and Columbia A Lightweight placed 11th out of 33 teams.

The University of Virginia won the women’s varsity eight, while Columbia came in sixth out of 55 teams, finishing in 14:19.243. Columbia crews also placed 21st and 50th in the competition.
In the women’s novice eight, Columbia came in ninth out of 11 teams with a time of 17:05.494.

Women’s rowing will next compete at the Rivanna Romp in Charlottesville, Virginia on Sunday, Nov. 11.


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