Eye Drop: Highlights from this week's magazine

Don’t forget to come join the Eye tonight for giggles and gaffs as we present the holy trinity of campus comedy. It’s TONIGHT at 8:30 in 304 Barnard Hall. Fruit Paunch, Chowdah Sketch Comedy, and Control Top will be performing. Be there or be square. (And it’s FREE.)

Jane Slate’s career took a bad turn when she dropped the f-bomb on live television, but she’s making the most of it and rebuilding her comedy career. Frances Corry traces Slate’s journey through the world of comedy and live television. [The Lead]

What does Lori Goldman, president of Chowdah, wear to feel sexy? Read Ashton Cooper’s interview of the campus comedy leaders to find out. [Eye to Eye]

Joan Rivers went to Barnard and majored in English before making her big break in stand-up comedy. The Eye chatted with her about politics, marriage, and plastic surgery. [Interview]

Comedic songwriting has become popular in the past 20 years, from the success of artists like master of parody “Weird Al” Yankovic to recent Internet sensation Bo Burnham. Gina Segall examines the surge of comedic songwriting, focusing on the duo Garfunkel and Oates. [Music]



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