There are kangaroos hopping down 112th Street

Given its status as a college town, Morningside Heights is home to many fun or quirky traditions—Primal Scream, closing down Broadway to make way for PrezBo's fun run, that underwear pillow fight that happens every now and then. The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine played host to one on Sunday, temporarily converting itself into a zoo for the 28th Annual Blessing of the Animals.

Neighborhood residents brought their pets, and some less domestic animals (that's where the kangaroo comes in) were hired in from professional animal agencies.

“We do this every year to remind us of the blessing of what it means to have these creatures great and small in our lives, how dangerous it is to treat them with disrespect or to create environmental threats that may cause even extinction of some species,” Rev. James Kowalski said.


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CC '15 posted on

Just curious, will St. John the Divine ever be redone. I mean, it's the biggest church by volume in the U.S. It would be amazing if the city (or some handsomely wealth individual) would fund an expansive renovation. That way, Morningside could have the largest, tallest (Riverside, and then most beautiful churches in the U.S.!