CISPA passes the House, and other news from all around

It's late. You're up. Hopefully you enjoyed your last Thursday of classes. If not, hopefully you're out drinking your sorrows away. If not, well, here's the news.

Columbia news

Disgraced dean: A vice dean at the University of Pennsylvania has resigned following revelations that he falsely claimed to have a Columbia degree.

Harlem renaissance? Bloomberg has an interesting story on PrezBo's quest for Manhattanville.

Actual news

Politician sentenced: A former state senator from Brooklyn was sentenced to seven years in prison today after pleading guilty to corruption charges.

Missing soldier: A female soldier from Fort Bragg has gone missing. Police suspect foul play, and have released the most recent photo available of her, taken on the night of her disappearance.

Son of SOPA: The House dared Obama to get out his veto pen today, passing CISPA despite a promise that the president would in fact veto the bill.

Homeward bound: The U.S. and Japan have finalized a deal that will result in the withdrawal of 9,000 marines from Okinawa.

Proof of aliens: A student researcher has found some weird spiraly things on Mars.

...And instead of a funny video

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