How fast can YOU read War and Peace?

It's late. You're up. I'm registering for next semester's classes tomorrow morning... but I haven't looked at the bulletin yet. Woops! Here we go!

Columbia in the News:

The effects of The Shaft have officially been felt from coast to coast, as a Los Angeles newspaper reports the story of a CU freshman whose lottery number is 2976.

Columbia also made headlines today for (allegedly) unknowingly playing host to (allegedly) a Russian spy.

Other Schools in the News:

Today was the 100th anniversary of the first ever baseball game at Fenway Park. The teams? Harvard University and the Boston Red Sox.

Actual News:

If you haven't heard that Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion today... well, I hope the rock you live under is at least pretty.

Test Your Skills:

Take this free eReader test to see how long it would take you to read some of the world's most prolific novels in one sitting. It's more fun than I just made it sound, I swear!

...and a funny video:

Oh, were you not ready for the Titanic in 3D? That's too bad, because SUPER 3D IS COMING (with dubstep, of course).


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dkinney posted on

Major typo! Thanks for call me out on it. Did you enjoy the quiz at least?

what does posted on

'some of the worlds most PROLIFIC novels' mean? How are novels 'prolific'?