More politics and the end of a Red Bull era

It's late. You're up. You're crying because you're going to be up all night doing work and/or because you just realized that you're not in Kansas/Florida/Canún/some other sunny place anymore.

Actual News

Let's make brackets for the GOP race instead: Romney sweeps all 20 delegates in Puerto Rico, keeping him in the lead for the nomination

Sad: Car bombs killed two and injured 30 in Syria on Sunday, the first anniversary of the uprisings

March Mutilations: University of North Carolina's point guard got injured, so here's a song I wrote for all of you out there with ruined brackets

Mo' money, mo' problems: Apple will be announcing what they're doing with $100 billion. I say they buy an iPad 4G, but they can stick with the 3G until the new one comes out instead, I guess.

Barely News

Excuse for the Freshman Fifteen: A study showed that obesity may be linked to a gene mutation. Don't get excited about free food, the study was performed on mice.

Goodbye Red Bull Man: The creator of Red Bull died on Saturday, so tip one back tonight in his memory

And a funny video...


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It is never the end of the Red Bull era posted on

I'm drinking one right now. RIP Chaleo Yoovidhya