Is this krumping?

It’s late. You’re up. You’re probably cramming for midterms, so I’m sure you’re not going to appreciate the fact that I only have two take-home midterms before I’m free as a bird.

Actual News:

Wow, sure didn’t see this one coming: Mr. Macho Cowboy has won the 2012 Russian presidential election for the third time (not in a row though, since it makes all the difference).

They don’t actually take you to Oz: There have been a rash of tornadoes in the Midwest and the South, Henryville is only the latest in a series of devastating storms. If you’re looking for something productive to do over spring break, here are ways to help.

Oddly Inspirational News:

Work it: Not content with underage toothpicks, the fashion world’s newest darling is Andrej Pejic, an androgynous model who strutted his stuff down the Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2012 runway. It's nice to see the fashion industry letting guys into their tightly guarded sartorial clubhouse---even if they won't let normal sized people in.

It’s never too late: You know that childhood dream of becoming a champion figure skater that was quashed when you found out that ice-skating rinks are more rare than buffaloes in Kansas? Well, put that frilly unitard back on; if this 70 year old can qualify for the Olympics, so can you!

This is Krumping!

And if you're having the late night munchies, good news: Push-pops and cake-pops have a love child. In an ideal world without diabetes, these are what I would subsist on for the rest of my life.


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HAHAHA this video was glorious.